Lighting Design


OSMAB Seven, Cologne

The office building houses the regulatory authority of the city of Cologne. In the two glazed staircases we hid the linear luminaries in such a …Read More…

RH50 Reallabor, Aachen

The architect of the building, Prof. Dr. Dirk Henning Braun, uses for this building the highly innovative adaptive textile skin (ATS). The lighting concept features …Read More…

L’Oréal, Dusseldorf

Together with HPP Architects, DSK Interieur Architecture and Schumann Furniture Workshops we were able to plan and realize a large part of the LED Lighting …Read More…

Kranz Parkhotel, Siegburg

For Siegburg’s first address we developed a lighting concept for the corridors and public areas that plays with strong contrasts, rendering the hight quality of …Read More…


Knauber Market, Bonn

Seit Anfang 2017 planen wir die Beleuchtung für den Hauptsitz des Freizeitmarkts Knauber in Bonn. Zug um Zug wird das Lichtkonzept in den verschiedenen Hallen …Read More…

Villa, Cologne

The lighting design for this private mansion was supposed to find a balance between focussed light on the works of art and general light for …Read More…

Bitburg, Spittelplatz

In 2015 we won a lighting design competition for the newly conceived Spittelplatz in the historical center of Bitburg. The lighting concept aims at the climatically …Read More…


Lülsdorf Castle

The fortified castle was originally erected in the 13th century. Mainly reconstructed in 1949 it was again renovated enlarged and adapted to modern housing standards …Read More…


Agneshaus, Cologne

This representative building from 1912 was renovated by the architectural firm BachmannBadie in Cologne, They tried to restore the original substance by removing all changes …Read More…

3M, World of Innovation, Neuss

The internationally represented multi-technology group 3M has just opened its new „3M World of Innovation“ in Neuss. Visitors can navigate through 50,000 products. The real …Read More…


Mansion at the Rhine River

Architect: Ingmar Weber, Boppard-Buchholz Garden Design: Neyses GmbH, Bullay This private mansion is located close to the famous Loreley at the Rhine. It also houses …Read More…


Town Hall Mülheim/Ruhr

Interior Design: Rudolf Schricker, Stuttgart Illuminated Ceilings: Rentex, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen Over 2000 RGB-modules with powerLEDs allow highly individual appearances of the lobby.

Hahn & Brause Retail Store, Berlin

550 square meters of the new retail store where designed to emphasize the premium surfaces, the precious materials and the design of the bathroom equipment.


Felix Bar in the Hotel Adlon, Berlin

The columns around the court in the noble club are revetted with satinised glass panels. Behind the glass RGB-LEDs with DMX-controllers allow various lighting moods.

Spreepalais am Dom, Berlin

The lighting concept for the public areas in the building creates an emotional atmosphere. To achieve that over 100 acrylic panels are equipped with individually …Read More…


Microsoft Germany, Munich

Approximately 200 fluorescent tubes with RGB-filters above a diffuser scrim create via DMX-controlling various colour atmospheres.


Hotel Kurhaus Binz, Rügen

The ceiling operates with natural daylight and RGB-fluorescent tubes. The surroundings haunces are equipped with the same technique, enabling the stage director to create every …Read More…