Sono West, Frankfurt/ Main

8. August 2020

The international real estate consultancy JLL has moved into its German headquarters in Frankfurt in the newly constructed “Sono West” building.

The in-house subsidiary for design and architectural concepts, Tétris, had the idea of placing a space-consuming light sculpture in the lobby, which was to have the idea of “networking” as its theme.

We took the project from the first sketch to numerous 3D perspectives and renderings to production within a few weeks. On site, the tubular steel construction consisting of several parts had to be welded together, fitted with LEDs on the floor and wired, and then pulled up to the ceiling by motor using several pulleys – work that demanded acrobatic performances from all those involved.

Each lighting element can be dimmed individually so that, in addition to static lighting scenes, dynamic sequences are also possible via DMX control.

Interior design: Schumann Möbelwerkstätten, Altenkirchen

Metal construction: Metallbau Leicher, Mudenbach