Art Auction House van Ham, Cologne

5. September 2020

When the art auction house van Ham celebrated its 60th anniversary, we were commissioned to create a lighting sculpture for the rather new building.

The airspace in the lobby rendered itself to be the best place for the lighting object which can also be seen from the outside at night. Starting with several ideas we then followed the path of floating illuminated picture frames.

Because the airspace in the upper floor is bordered by a glazed office, the frames should also be lucent on the backside and the office itself should be colourfully illuminated as a voluminous background. The idea was to create a kaleidoscopic effect between the reflecting windows. The photographs of the finished installation show a remarkable resemblance to the renderings accomplished in the design process.

The frames themselves are electrified by the suspending wires making separate cables superfluous. One of the frames is gilt to echo the value of the art objects traditionally dealt with by the auction house. The various static or dynamic DMX lighting scenes can be triggered by a remote control.