Church, Cloister Wöltingerode

24. July 2012

The cloister Wöltingerode was founded in 1174 by the Benedicts. The romanesque basilica (eastern part) was erected in the 12th century. In the 18th century a so called nun’s choir was added in the west. Today the eastern section serves as a church for weddings and is very popular thanks to the attached hotel complex.

While some restauration works were scheduled the new lighting design could also be installed. The concept is purely based on LED. The warm white colour temperature of 3000K renders the cream white paint of the walls quite well. The decision to use LED technique was made because maintenance costs are cut to zero for the next few years. All 41 luminaires together add to not even 400 watt.

An EIB/ KNX bus allows to choose from a variety of lighting scenes for different purposes.