Lighting Design and LED-Luminaires for Exhibition Hans Arp Traumanatomie

18. November 2010

For the first presentation in the new building complex of the Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck (architect Richard Meier) the curators selected 100 important works of the oeuvre of the artist Hans Arp. Besides reliefs and sculptures many paper works are exhibited which need a light reduced environment due to their delicate material.

Special room-in-room cabinets were created to allow the beholder an intimate atmosphere of reception.

The walls of these cabinets contain „windows“ in the size of 1 x 1 m to enable the visitor to look through the museum architecture into the surrounding landscape.

Sculptures are placed in these „windows“ which are illuminated by specially developed luminaires. These are equipped with warmwhite and daylight LEDs which allow by means of a dynamic lighting management various atmospheres of diffuse, soft light and spotlighting.

This first time ever lighting concept recreates the conditions under which the sculptures were once created in the artist’s studio and recall the metamorphosis of shape, surface textures and volume.

Media and exhibition architecture: 235media, Cologne und nowakteufelknyrim, Dusseldorf