„Unternehmerstadt“ (City of Entrepreneurs), Dusseldorf

8. January 2013

On the premises of the old production site of Rheinmetall AG in the last few years a whole new quarter has been developed. It is called „Unternehmerstadt“ (City of Entrepreneurs) and tries to find the right work-life-balance in structure and architecture. Fashion events, which take place occasionally in Halle 29, are supposed to be integrated in the overall concept.

The lighting concept in the whole area wants to guide visitors from the large parking lot to the events. We chose the trees which are of the same type and size allover to serve as the unifying object to be illuminated. Inground luminaires with RGB-LED-technical equipment are placed at the bottom of the trees. The communication between the various buildings (with various owners) which lighting scene is to be run happens via Wireless-DMX which is placed on the rooftops of the buildings.

Landscape Masterplan: Fürst Architects, Dusseldorf

Lighting Installation: Weikos Lighting, Dusseldorf