Agneshall, Cloister Wienhausen

10. September 2015

The Cloister Wienhausen is one among the finest examples of northern German brick architecture of the gothic period. Founded in the 13th century ist has …Read More…

Nun’s Choir, Cloister Wienhausen

10. September 2015

Directly situated above the Agnes Hall is the world famous Nun’s Choir dating from the 15th century with the stunning vault frescoes. In each window …Read More…

Lighting Sculpture AMG Mercedes, Cologne

2. September 2015

In the Mercedes Headquarter in Stuttgart we initially developed in April 2015 together with the design company Jangled Nerves a lighting sculpture for the so-called Hot Car Place …Read More…

Lülsdorf Castle

2. September 2015

The fortified castle was originally erected in the 13th century. Mainly reconstructed in 1949 it was again renovated enlarged and adapted to modern housing standards …Read More…

YUCA Club, Cologne

4. May 2015
Artikelbild Yuca

In April 2015 the brand new YUCA (Young Urban Club of Arts) opened its doors to 1,500 guests. It is run by the 4 enthusiastic …Read More…